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It's a miracle, of course. There are 51,000 unread emails in my promo folder, and 95% of them are unread for a reason. Because I didn’t ask for them and I don’t care what they say.

But the other 5%? I miss reading those.

These are the emails from Gretchen, from Tim, from TED. They’re the emails from Sarah Jones, from BoingBoing and from charity:water. These are the blogs and the updates and the announcements that are very definitely NOT promotions. They’re anticipated, personal and relevant messages, delivered with permission.

Google has business reasons to quarantine notes like this, but it’s not the right thing to do. And we now have a way to fix it.

A simple button, with just a few clicks, will automatically create a safe place for 98 voices, moving them, starting today, from your promo folder back to your inbox. And it’s easy to undo — if any sender gets annoying, you can simply unsubscribe from them.

TED, Oprah, Sarah Jones, Adam Grant, Dan Pink, BoingBoing… all your favorites, unblocked! Fix the promo folder. Authenticate your gmail account and you’re done.

Here's how it works

We’ve built a tiny free app that creates a filter in your gmail account (it only works with gmail, but it works on any browser and on your smartphone as well).

Once you authenticate the app (see below for screenshots), it creates a filter that will stop Gmail categorizing messages from the 98 voices as promotions.

NOTE! Fixing the promo folder won't subscribe you to any new emails. The only thing it does is stop Google from removing emails you want.

Installing the app doesn't sign you up for any newsletters, promos or other email other than rare technical notes about how the app works.

It won’t slow down your computer. We’ve posted our code on Github so you can see exactly what it does. Even though Google says that the app can view and modify your mail, it doesn’t. All it does is create a bunch of filters that tell Google to put the emails back where they belong.

Here are the windows you’ll see:

Step One
Step Two

Get started

It's easy. Just click the "Create my filter" button below.

Create my filter

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Why we're doing this

Permission marketing is the privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to the people who want to get them. Akimbo’s founder, Seth Godin, wrote a book about this twenty years ago. Along the way, many marketers have abused the idea, and as a result, email marketing has, in the wrong hands, gotten annoying.

But punishing the people and organizations that you actually want to hear from doesn’t help anyone.

We don’t think it benefits you to have the messages you want to get stolen from your inbox and moved to a place where you can’t see them. And we know it’s a problem for people and organizations that want to create useful content, because if they’re not reaching their audience, it’s hard for them to keep making the work that matters.

If you’ve got feedback for us, please visit this simple form. We’d love to hear about other voices you’d like added to the list of 98 Voices as well.

98 Voices - Gold List

Tim Ferriss, Kevin Kelly, Brene Brown, Freakonomics, Krista Tippett (On Being), Ta-Nehisi Coates, Dave Ramsey, charity: water, Kenji Lopez-Alt, Marie Forleo, Seth's blog, Simon Sinek, TED.org, XKCD, Oprah, AVC, NYPL, altMBA, SoapBox, CGP Grey, Dan Pink, Craig Mod, Daily Dad, Discourse, Feedblitz, HelpScout, John Cary, Ryan Delk, The Skimm, Wikipedia, Adam Grant, Civic Hall, Dan Ariely, Hank Green, John Green, Sarah Lacy, Sarah Lacy, Swiss Miss, The Hustle, Adam Silver, Andrew Chen, Candy Chang, Gaping Void, James Clear, Jeff Atwood, Paul Jarvis, Robin Sloan, Sarah Jones, Shawn Coyne, SY Partners, Ann Friedman, Austin Kleon, Joel Spolsky, Khan Academy, Marco Arment, Miranda July, Wait But Why, Albert Wenger, Amanda Palmer, Behance (99U), Buster Benson, Chris Messina, James Victore, Renee DiResta, Samuel Hulick, Shane Parrish, Armin Ronacher, Debbie Millman, Gretchen Rubin, Jonathan Haidt, Julian Shapiro, The Broadsheet, The Daily Good, Brenadette Jiwa, Courtney Martin, Dense Discovery, Jessica Valenti, A Learning a Day, Angela Duckworth, Steve Pressfield, Andreesen Hurwitz, Yuval Noah Harari, Jack Conte (Patreon), Paul Ford / Postlight, Electronic Frontier Fondation, Maria Popova (Brain Pickings), Stewart Brand (The Long Now Foundation)

Not endorsed by the people on the list, simply a service we'd like to offer.

You will not be added to any of these lists. This app simply makes sure you get the emails you asked for.